• April 22, 2017, 18:00-00:00
  • Speyside

Location: Speyside Recreational Grounds
Start Time: 6pm
Parking: Available
Description: The panoramic Speyside Recreational Grounds will be the venue for a spectacular concert in the village of Speyside to get the ball rolling for the Tobago Jazz Experience 2017. Arrive in the East early in the day to enjoy tours to Little Tobago or the rainforest, enjoy the reefs or sun bathe on the beautiful beaches before grabbing a bite of the delicious local cuisine at many eateries around the villages. As the sun sets, head to the large recreational grounds to enjoy music from the “Strictly Roots” band Morgan Heritage alongside others for a fusion of Caribbean music.
Live performances by: Morgan Heritage, Oscar B and Vibes, Guardah Knight, Adanna, Kay Alleyne, Clifton Yeates, X-A-vier Edwards, Stephanie Joseph and
Janelle Winchester.