Full Name Arita Edmund
Place Plymouth, Tobago
Genres R&B
Years Active 2015 to present


Arita Edmund - Promise


Arita Edmund Full Bio

Arita Edmund, a Tobago-born beauty who is not only a multi-faceted singer, but also a musician who needs only a few minutes with any newly discovered instrument and she’ll be playing you a melody. Arita is humble, humorous, reliable, spontaneous, friendly, socially inclined, easy – going, motivated and loves to talk. A corporate woman with a passion for arts and culture who is all business in the day and as the sun dips below the horizon transforms into a soulful singer who sets the mood for romance.

Most persons would have first been introduced to Edmund through her debut single, “Good Man”. That single and music video has since proved a hit across the region. Not bad for an island girl’s first dive into the international music scene. Edmund then released two new singles, “Promise” and Everything”, to follow on the heels of, “Good Man”.

Arita has also modelled for renowned designers such as Anya Ayoung Chee, Perter Elias, Romero Bryan”London”, Kevin Ayoung Julien “KAJ” Heather Jones, Dexter Jennings and Claudia Pegus. She has worked with several Carnival Bands, like Ronnie and Caro, Island ppl and K2K partners and alliances. She entered 2 pageants and won “Miss Carib Great Race” and placed second in “Miss Tobago Shine Bright Like a Diamond”.

Her voice is a soulful and sensual caress but it surpasses sexy. The emerging haute talent from Plymouth, Tobago has had a raving resume in the arts, her real potential was just recently unearthed through Label FAMjr Music Group and TEMPO Records. At the Tempo Networks’ V Bozeman and Ziggy Rankin, “What Is Love” remix launch held at the Queen’s Hall in late August, she was drumming and singing some vintage Lauren Hill and Bob Marley. Her energy was out of this world. Dressed in white and delivering a coulourful performance, the audience couldn’t believe their ears.